Friday, February 21, 2014

Things to say...

Two years, ok not quite but close. There are many reasons I've chose not to write for tie years. A new project began in 2012 what now feels like a third child which is just learning to walk, Simply Yoga of Belmont. Entering our 2nd year now it's taking it's own shape. However this outlet had been one of sharing my journeys of small town homesteading. Early spring 2012 I embarked on a beautiful journey of keeping chickens. Quickly it became an adventure not unlike any ore area of my life. 
We were blessed with not one but several roosters. We were given sick chickens by a local gal off craigslist. In our first weeks we grew attached and had to let go as we dealt with our fare share of loss. Ultimately I learned a hard lesson by the end of the year: don't free range chickens. I deeply loved our first flock. Another hard lesson: don't get attached to chickens. And: chickens come and chickens go. We experienced the food chain first hand; raccoon, possum, hawk & our dog Rocky have a taste for chicken. We lost all 12one way or another. 
I worked hard on our coop and it's emptiness pulled at mine and Logan's heart come spring. Though thoughtless I loved our Silkies and decided on an entire flock of them. Another lesson quickly learned: Silkies are dumb. We still have to 'put the, in the coop at night because they can't figure out how to get in it. They don't like nesting boxes either, so we removed them.....insert sigh here. These quirky birds will get a new home this year, a specially designed low-rider coop. 
 Any day now 12 new chickies will join our family. I have a goal of a dozen eggs a day. Also on the docket are goats! Not for meat but milk & cheese. I feel like a reasonable little business venture can birth from such a small little farming operation. I feel the need to share and write again because I've caught the farm bug. After last summers torrential monsoons our garden was left as a bog. We lost nearly everything I planted. 2013 was a wash of a year. I'm ready for 2014 and all it's Budding Provisions.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Soap 'basket'

I'm not one to embrace tradition, get in the band wagon, or join the crowd. I'm much more comfortable marching to the beat of my own instrument, rocking the boat....enough cliches you get the picture. When it comes to holiday traditions I naturally question what we will practice with our kids and what we choose to avoid. Judging the founding principles, current meaning, effect on the earth, our family and their little blood sugar. Easter is one of those holidays that gets me into a soap box, or basket rather. I get all the bunnies, chicks, eggs and springtime celebrations. But why couple it with Easter? Other than the celebration of new life which usually is drowned out by egg hunts and candy there isn't reason to combine the two. Don't get me wrong I love holidays however for my family I'm choosing to practice all the traditions in a little different way. Why must we celebrate according to the retail stores urging? Why pile it all on one day? Why be all or nothing, one or other?

My kids will celebrate the first day of spring, vernal equinox, with 'spring baskets' and time out of doors hunting eggs. (maybe a chocolate bunny or two) Spring, new life, eggs and chicks make all the sense in the world to celebrate together. Easter Sunday where ever it may fall onto the calendar will stand on its own. The day we as followers of the risen Christ celebrate his resurrection is something to keep apart. It's special. We will don our special clothes and have a special day celebrating the risen life of Jesus and new life everyone can find in him. No chocolate bunnies needed.

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Monday, April 2, 2012


We're in full spring mode around here. Since winter didn't make much of a show this year spring had Sprung upon us quickly. Before tilling the garden I had to weed! Yes. Weed. Ugh. But it wasn't too difficult. This year we're clearing little twigs from where the tree fell last summer, still.

Once all the prelim stuff was done tilling went quickly. I'm also placing large planks around the beds and mixing in compost. Sort of in ground raised beds.

However in the process of shoveling mulch I managed to shovel my toe. Hmm. Yeah, trip to the Dr for that one.....
We're working hard around here!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So much life is happening around here there's hardly time to record it! Chicks, asparagus, planting oh my!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter yumminess

As requested here is some yummy winter recipes to warm up your kitchen:
Proceed with caution...

Butternut squash soup:
Onion, celery, carrot chop, sweat in olive oil.
Before beginning, roast halved squash in oven till soft.
After they've cooled remove skin and toss into pot with vegg.
Throw in bay leaf, thyme, sage...whatever. S/p
Cover with homemade chic stock.
Add garlic, rind of Parmesan.
Simmer for ling while. Remove bay leaf.
Cool and blend. Reheat add alittle Parmesan and herbs.

Winter veg lasagna:
Whatever pasta sauce you like, whole tomatoes even (removing the skins later before adding other veggies), put into pot on stove to simmer. Add garlic, salt, pepper...thyme, parsley
In another pan sweat chopped to your desired size, i like rustic roughly chopped vegg, onion, pepper, broccoli, froz from summer squashes, can also use carrot & cauliflower. Allow all the vegg to get soft then toss in the tomato sauce to hang for a bit.

Make homemade ricotta:
Super easy seriously!
Start with half gal organic whole milk. Pour all but 2 cups into a med sized pot. Add half juice of lemon to the reserved 2 cups. Leave it all for a about 5 minutes. Assemble a bowl, lined with cheesecloth or fine strainer.
Add the 2 cups of 'lemon milk' now curdled into buttermilk to the pot of milk.
Turn to heat to med/high stir constantly. When the milk starts to create curds and leave the clear liquid at the bottom remove from heat and begin transferring the curds into the cheesecloth.
Drain, gently squeeze allow to sit for a couple of hours in the fridge.
preheat the oven.
Layer the lasagna as any other
Sauce, noddles, cheese, ect
Top with Parmesan cheese
Bake covered at 350 degrees for 30-45 min. Uncover and brown the top for 15 min.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The years harvest is collected, the garden appears deserted. However it still has much to give. Time for collecting seeds!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Such a day

Some days require reclusive lock yourself away and bake kind of thing. Today was such a day. When too much life happens in too few days we take cues from the little ones. We s l o w down. Knowing the festivities occurring later in the week we chose to have a quiet day. Though not much is around this house. For a wee bit of time with everyone asleep, and after a restful nap myself, I churned out a seasonal favorite:
chocolate walnut pumpkin muffins

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